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We can offer five types of livery, with their relative pricing structure. All types of livery include items set out in the Full Livery section and we do not take any form of DIY Livery. In order to maintain our high standards of care, we operate a one Month in advance standing order payment scheme.

This includes: Stable, Feed, Hay and Haylage, Bedding, Mucking out, Grooming, Required exercise, Required Turn-out.   Clients who wish to ride their own horses can use all facilities when appropriate by arrangement.

Conditions the same as Full Livery however this form of livery is slightly more expensive due to increased risk and time allocated.

Conditions the same as Full Livery.   For clients who require their horse to attain further education or intensive work to address any problems.

For clients who require Schooling Livery and their horse to be taken and competed at shows or events.

A very popular and successful type of livery.   Clients wishing to sell their horse send it on a Schooling Livery basis, it is professionally trained, prepared for sale and shown to prospective purchasers.   Clients take responsibility for Advertising, speaking to purchasers, co-coordinating trial times and the actual sale.   This format gives Purchasers more confidence as they have every trial facility they could imagine, a professional independent view from ourselves and arrange purchase directly with the horses owner.

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Halefield Stud, Woodnewton, Peterborough, PE9 5EG. Tel:01832 272 305 email: info@halefieldstud.co.uk

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